Content Management System (CMS) Development

CMS Development services is basically used for creating, managing, and optimizing the customers’ digital experience. We at COD Trees, share the responsibility to provide cutting-edge CMS Web Development Services to our clients. Our service is backed by the work-flow centric platform. Developing team has been always providing elegant performance and delivery to our customers. We follow a result-driven model for delivering an optimized solution by the current business landscape which is best suited for the client’s business and requirements. Our service enables multiple users with different privilege levels to manage any type of data, content or information of any website application. We provide following platform based services

WordPress Based Development

We provide service in WordPress Development which is included designing, implementing and managing professional websites using WordPress platform, which is basically a free, open-source content management system (CMS).

We at COD Trees are also share the responsibility of both front-end and back-end development consisting of everything from plug-ins to security updates. That often but is not limited to — creating custom WordPress themes and plugins. In addition to creating these resources, building a sitemap or wireframes for a potential site, migrate an existing site to the WordPress platform, or redesign it.
COD Trees establishes website architecture, so sites may look attractive and as well as user-friendly. We are also responsible in troubleshooting and resolving every website problems for our clients. Our attention to detail, expertise in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and jQuery and for using debugging tools such as Firebug and Chrome Inspector make us different in the field of web development.

Drupal Bases Development

We at COD Trees design websites in Drupal – a top platform for building large websites and web applications from customizing a Drupal theme to providing a unique look and to create a full end-to-end web development solution. Drupal development is easy to scale and might help you get a high position in various search engines.

We are focused on your goal and what you believe. Using an agile methodology COD Trees always deliver our projects which is designed to match your satisfaction. Our expert and experienced developers is ready to develop a Drupal-based CMS platform which will meet our client’s ultimate goals. We offer a highly flexible engagement model that starts with a proven indust ry experience to cover comprehensive evaluation of any IT requirements. We ensure our IT solutions always meet the right path that our clients have chosen and it will be delivered both at timely and cost-effectively manners.